Deposit calculators


The most accurate deposit calculator

  • Supports capitalization
  • More than 10 ways (scheemes) of interest income calculating (monthly, quarterly, annually, every N days, etc).
  • Supports deposit additions and withdrawals
  • Calculates tax automatically withheld by the bank
  • Fixed and floating interest rate
  • Uses working calendar to shift accrual day if necessary
  • Supports several currencies
  • Calculates yield and effective interest rate
  • Up to 5 times of the deposit prolongation
  • Exports calculation results to MS Excel

Deposit term calculation

  • Calculates the term required to accumulate a target amount of money on your deposit account
  • Several scheems of the interest income accrual
  • Supports periodical deposit additions if necessary

How to save a million

  • Calculates the amount of money to save monthly should you want to become a millionaire by specified age
  • Tax withheld by a bank is taken into account

Saving money for a house

  • Calculation of the term which is required to accumulate enough money to buy a chosen real estate
  • Takes into consideration real estate price changes (due to an inflation) and deposit account balance growth (due to interest accrued annually).
  • Supports regular additions on the saving account