This chart shows the russian ruble deposit amount preferences of depositors who use Deposit Calculator on this site. The chart reveals the most popular deposit amount ranges and shows how these preferences change over time. For this purpose each deposit amount is categorized into the one of the 6 range groups:

  1. less than 30 thousand rubles
  2. 30-100 thousand rubles
  3. 100-400 thousand rubles
  4. 400-700 thousand rubles
  5. 700 thousand - 3 million rubles
  6. more than 3 million rubles
All data is percentage of number of calculated deposits in every group to the total number of of deposits calculated.

The preferred deposit term data can be imaged in three levels of grouping:

  • per annum grouping of all exising data;
  • for each month grouping of data in 1 chosen year;
  • for each day grouping of data in 1 chosen month.
To drilldown to more detail level just mouse click on the chart.

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