About this project

The deposit calculator located on the site Fin-Plus.Ru is the only open resource on the net that calculates both interest income on deposits in Russian banks and tax amount withheld by those banks. The calculation takes into account the following features:

Should these requirements are not taken into account the total income result is not correct especially when there is an interest capitalization.

At the calculation, there is an option to use data from Working Calendar. If chosen in case the last deposit term day is a non-working day, then the deposit is prolongated until the nearest workday.

The new currency rate values are acquired on a daily basis.

This service can be useful when you:

While calculating future period income the system will use law revision, refinancing, tax and currency rates as of current (calculation) date. If one of these parameters will be changed later (which will surely happen) then the final result should be also recalculated. In other words, the open deposit calculations made in different days may be different. Other discrepancy sources between plan and fact values are:

Calculation results are in the following table format:

Field nameField description
Date Date when the income is accrued or paid
Day number Day number when the income is accrued or paid
(numbering starts with the day following the deposit date)
Interest income (currency) Interest income amount accrued or paid on this date
Taxable income (currency) Taxable part of interest income amount that forms tax base
Income tax rate (%) Rate at which the income is taxed
Tax amount(currency) Tax amount withheld by a bank at income accrual or repayment
After tax income (currency) Net income after taxes
Currency rate
(Russian Central bank)
Rate set by Russian Central Bank on income date
Taxable income (rubles) Taxable part of interest income revaluated on central bank currency rate on income date, i.e. tax base in rubles
Tax amount (rubles) Tax amount in rubles withheld by bank on income date

Field nameField description
Amount repaid on maturity comprises of deposit amount plus after tax interest income amounts
Effective interest rate is a relation of after tax interest to initial deposit amount (in proportion to the deposit term). This rate coincides with rate on deposit which has neither interest capitalization nor taxation.

Deposit income calculation made by the use of this site is not an any form guarantee that such income amount will be ever received. The site author is not associated with any banks and is not responsible for consequences of using calculation results or impossibility to use this resource information.

You are welcome to send your questions, suggestions, complaints and comments to support@fin-plus.ru