Deposit calculator with interest compounding, prolongation, additions and partial withdrawals

Interest, tax and effective rate calculation
Advantages of this deposit calculator Fin-Plus Video manual (in Russian)
Deposit amount currency
Deposit date years
Interest rate fixed % per annum
floating (depends on amount)
floating (depends on term)
Term until years

Interest accrual frequency
interest compounding
Taxation modeEnter if you are a "Russian tax resident" and witholded tax will be calculated automatically according to Russian Tax Code. If you do not live in Russia, but your interest income is from Russian bank than choose "non Russian tax resident"
Use working calendar If the last deposit term day is non-working then prolongate the deposit until the first workday

If an interest accrual or compounding day is non-working then:
accrue this day
accrue in advance (on the previous working day)
accrue later (on the following working day)
Deposit additions:
# Addition date Amount Frequency
Withdrawal is always made from the main deposit account
Withdrawal is first made from the auxiliary account (where the interest income is accrued onto) then the rest is to withdraw from the mail deposit account

Minimum balance amount

# Withdrawal date Amount
Deposit prolongation No prolongation
On maturity deposit principal and accrued interest are added together and then automatically prolongated under the same terms
Advantages of this deposit calculator Fin-Plus

Interest compounding

Deposit additions and partial withdrawals

Fixed and floating interest rate

Tax on interest income calculation

Deposit prolongation

Several interest accrual schemes

Accrual date shifts

Export results to MS Excel

Effective annual percentage rate and yield

Interest income and inflation

Foreign currency deposits

High calculation accuracy