Inflation calculator

calculation of Consumer Price Index(CPI) and the change of Russian rouble consumption power

I am going to
for the period
and calculate the change of the consumption power of the amount of roubles
Calculation results
Inflation index for the specified period*
Country Accumulated
inflation, %
inflation, %
Russia 3.17 2.92
Eurozone 1.60 1.47
USA no data no data
Ukraine 17.78 16.28
Belarus 6.11 5.62
Switzerland 0.80 0.74
Kazakhstan 8.40 7.72
United Kingdom 3.07 2.82
Change of the moneys consumption power**
Goods you can buy
in October 2016 for
cost in October 2017
1 000.00 roubles => 1 031.69 roubles
969.28 roubles => 1 000.00 roubles
* - the left table shows the percentage of the prices change through the specified period
** - the right table shows the amount you need to buy the same quantity of goods or services in the beginning and in the end of the specified period
Inflation calculation

Inflation in different countries

The calculator figures out inflation not only in Russia but in other countries: USA, Ukraine, Belorus, Switzerland and 17 countries of Eurozone. By comparing the indexes you can easy define the country with the highest inflation level. The source data about changes in consumer prices is prepared by official statistics services in each country. The data is updated monthly.

Calculation of accumulated and annualized inflation per any period

The calculator's user can select a period for which inflation is to be calculated. It may be monthly inflation, half yearly or yearly inflation or accumulated inflation for several years in a row.

By using accumulated inflation which is measured in percents for the whole given period the calculator then figures out annualized inflation which is measured in percents annually. To calculate this average the calculator uses geometric mean. These indexes are useful in comparisons with investment or saving return rates.

Consumption power of Russian rouble

Besides inflation index the calculator as well computes consumption power change of the entered amount in Russian roubles. I.e. how much money is required to purchase the same amount of goods and services in the beginning and in the end of the given period.